Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Déjà vu Day

Activities are starting to run together.
Last night, planning for softball practice for one child, I felt like "didn't we just do this?"
As the kids grow and have more activities, no matter how hard I've tried to regulate keeping the "busy-ness" to a minimum, they are definitely beginning to dictate time.
I'm feeling like I'm on this endless cycle of "it's time to head to gymnastics practice", and "it's my turn to drive the carpool for Children's Choir".
Last night I was noting (probably in song!) to myself that my day has lost it's Margin.
(Google Margin by Richard Swenson, 'cause I, sadly, don't know how to add a link yet)
Margin is the time you have left over...the time you INTENTIONALLY carve out for what's really important.
Time to have a real conversation with my husband.
Time to spend in devotion to God.
Time to reflect, plan, and think about what is of eternal importance.
Time to gaze in my children's eyes while they are telling me something from their hearts, and to really hear what it is they are saying to me.
Time to sit on the porch swing outside and feel the warmish spring breeze blow on my face as I catch up on reading.
Carving takes energy...I think it's time to get out the tools and begin knicking away at my calendar to start creating my margin again...
before the activities of life start overtaking!

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