Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I watched my baby go to school today. She's six. She's in kindergarten. Don't get me wrong, I didn't just enroll her in school. In fact, she has walked to the bus stop for more than 100 days (apparently...they celebrated the hundredth day of school a couple of weeks ago). It was that hat she was wearing. baby colors. pastels: pink and blue. Little loops on the two jester corners. Just yesterday when she was again captivated by the looping slideshow of pictures on the computer screen, she said, "Look, Mom!" I hear this many times during the day. often ignoring her request to come, look - another snapshot I want you to admire. Yesterday I came, I looked. She couldn't have been more than two. Wearing that pastel jester hat, floppy on her head. My baby. Today, another wave, blowing kisses, navigating the snowy walkway to the busstop. My baby. little button nose, happy grin wearing the hat, snug on her head now. A few days ago I was watching her in awe - my big girl - long legs...getting taller everyday, it seems. Skipping happily to her stop, yet compelled to turn around every few seconds to blow me another kiss, throw me another hug. "What a big girl," I said aloud to no one but myself. This morning I marvelled at her mathematical skills as she declared that if 30 minutes is a half hour, and 60 minutes is an hour, then an hour and a half is 90 minutes! Baby...big girl...glimpses of genius. I hope she still wears the jester hat next year. I do so like watching my baby walk to school!

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